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Extensively modified and improved in 2014, the stunning Pyrenees route starts and finishes in the Basque market town of Saint Palais. The first day takes you west towards the coast before looping back to your hotel. The second day sees you ride further into the mountains to night-stop in a typical small village on the Spanish border. The final day heads north-west before returning you to your original starting point. Although the distances aren't huge, the stunning scenery, some breathtaking climbs and descents and the technical nature of the terrain makes for full days and an unforgettable ride. Less experienced riders will be pleased to know that there are 'easy options' around all the big climbs! Some participants still drive down from the channel ports, or take the boat from Portsmouth to Bilbao, but many now take advantage of our 'fly & ride' option, taking a low cost flight to Biarritz while their bikes are delivered direct to the starting point.






Selection of photos from previous tours



Team St Albans taking a break at the top of the last big climb on Day 3

The other side

Going over yet another single track mountain creast...

Going over the top 

Running down to the hotel at the end of Day 2

The slippery rocks at the end of Day 1

 The slippery rocks at the end of Day 1

More single track

More single-track-with-a-view this time at the start of Day 2


You have to go down there to get to lunch


off we go...


and then a little climb afterwards just to help the digestion!   


Julian Bishop attacks a climb just after lunch on day 1 - and regrets his second portion of duck!


Now that's what we call single track!  


Yet another stretch of single track with a great view.


Julian Bishop trying to work out if Evans really means 'all the way to the top'.


We would like to apologise for posting a photo with absolutely no motorcycles in it!


For once everybody paid attention to the briefing. Probably hoping to find a way around the big climbs - no chance!  


The scenery changes all the time. This is the only time you'll see this kind of boulder field.


There is however plenty of single track. This one goes all the way to the valley floor.


Can't see a bike in this photo either....  









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