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"This (Day 3) would be the biggest day in terms of distance and hours ridden, and arguably the best. A day made up of stunning scenery, technical climbs and taxing river crossings." Lozerien Bis - MCN, Oct 2013.

"It is technical enough to push any rider (Cyril Despres even commented on its difficulty when he rode it) but there is nothing you can't get through with a bit of puhing, and a little help from your friends. And you'll learn so fast that you won't believe your progress once the three days are over." Lozerien Bis - MCN, Oct 2013.

"The company is run by Paris-based Brit, Chris Evans, who knows a thing or two about rally riding. Not only is he an accomplished rider himself, he's the long-time manager of five-time Dakar winner Cyril Despres, meaning he's been to over 150 rallies around the world - including 18 Dakars." Lozerien Bis - MCN, Oct 2013.

"Day two was to prove the longest and most ardous of them all with nine hours in the saddle and some great climbs and tricky sections to negotiate right from the off." Pyrenees - Trail Bike Magazine, Oct 2011. 

"There are lots of steep climbs to overcome on this trip although for the most part they're actually easier than they look. At one point a long grassy hillclimb led us up to a highpoint where a sheer wall of rock ahead of us marked the border with Spain. Stopping short we turned and headed downwards (all the while riding on soft, springy grass) ducking for shade between  the occasional oak tree and the high cliffs that surrounded us." Pyrenees - Trail Bike Magazine, Oct 2011.

"The navigation is the easy bit, it's the mixture of technical rocky climbs, narrow tracks, overhanging branches, buried rocks and the sheer length of the route that will keep you working hard throughout the day." Lozerien Bis - Trail Bike Magazine, Oct 2010.

"Up here at well over 4000 feet the landscape is magical. We had to stop to drink it all in. It was a wondrous moment: trail riding has taken me to some truly amazing places, and this must rank among the top five places anywhere in the world!" Lozerien Bis - Trail Bike Magazine, Oct 2010.

"I looked up and saw five or six giant rock slabs, slung at an angle across the track, it's the crowning glory to the most amazing trail riding trip you could hope to take. With breath-taking scenery, hard-core climbs and descents, rivers to cross and incredible trails to conquer it'll tax all but the fittest of expert riders. But having completed it you will really understand what enduro heaven is all about." Lozerien Bis - Trail Bike Magazine, Oct 2010.

"The terrain is super technical and not for the faint-hearted. This is hard energy sapping riding. Definitely not for the beginner." Lozerien Bis - Bike, Dec 2010.

"Sport Adventure's business continues to thrive on a clever mix of well thought out (and constantly evolving) routes, a clued-up set of organisers and the integration of the local comunity (rather than using British owned accommodation for instance). Huge amounts of repeat business are testament to the fact that the balance is right, the price is fair and the punters satisfied." Normandie - Trail Bike Magazine, April 2010.

"I know it probably sounds like a broken record now, but these Sport Adventure rides really are the most enjoyable way to see parts of rural France that are simply unavailable to you by any other means. Excellent company, smooth organisation, superb food and wine. We paid full-whack for our places, so take this as fact." Tour du Morvan - Trail Bike Magazine, May 2009.

"Full of lovely flowing forest piste, interspersed with lots of water crossings and unexpected technical climbs and tricky rock and root outcrops along with many single-track sections." Tour du Morvan - Trail Bike Magazine, May 2009.

"Without a doubt, the Sport Adventure Lozere tour is some of the finest riding you'll ever do. Technical enough to be challenging yet flowing enough to be enjoyable, stunning scenery and a relaxed atmosphere simply add to an already excellent experience. With a minimum of road work, clear 'n' easy roadbook navigation and long days in the saddle you get a lot of riding for your money. Throughly recommended..." Lozere - Trail Bike Magazine, May 2007

"The route - which you navigate by road book - is fairly technical in places and incredibly long. You spend all day in the saddle covering approx 200 kilometres per day. With stream crossings, dozens of technical stony climbs, rock-steps (both up and down), narrow ledges, switchback passes, a few miles of easy piste, ruts, steep descents, fast flowing single track - and one or two big hazards to negotiate, it's not for the faint-hearted, though it's all rideable and great fun." Lozere - Trail Bike Magazine, May 2007.

"Immaculately run," Mike Wooley writing about Sport Adventure's trips in March 2007 issue of TBM.

"I've been lucky enough to ride dirt bikes all over the world - from Iceland to South Africa, and from New Zealand to Brazil, but I have never enocountered three continous days of trail riding in such amazing scenery as this." Pyrenees - Trail Bike Magazine, Oct 2006.

"The day began with some incredible climbs, followed by more incredible climbs, so that at times you felt like you were up in the gods." Pyrenees - Trail Bike Magazine, Oct 2006.

"The real beauty of the tracks lies not just in their scenic qualities, but also in their variety. One minute you can be on wide sandy pistes, the next you're firing along some cracking single track - sashaying the bike from side to side as you dodge between gorse bushes. Along the way there are stony riverbeds to cross, escarpments to climb (and descend), and numerous little technical trails which defy description." Lozere - Trail Bike Magazine, June 2004.

"Once again the climb up through the trees was as spectacular as it was unrelenting. The trail circled the edge of a lake, snaking its way up the side of a mountain, and was punctuated every so often by a vista somehow more impressive than the last." Lozere - Trail Bike Magazine, June 2004.

"If you are seeking trail riding Nirvana I can heartily recommend the Morvan event."  Tour du Morvan - Trail Bike Magazine, June 1999.

 "Three days of fine food, copious red wine and glorious mud splattered trails." Normandie - Motorcycle International, July 1997.

"The mark of divine inspiration - three of the most enjoyable days' trail riding I've ever had." Burgundy - Trail Bike Magazine, June 1997.

"Tough enough to keep us concentrating, varied enough to keep us interested and long enough to keep us satisfied - enjoyed every minute of it." Normandie - Trail Bike Magazine, June 1996.

"A thoroughly enjoyable weekend - highly recommended." Pas de Calais - Bike Magazine, December 1996.













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