Massif du Morvan

The Massif du Morvan is our third route in our favourite area, and even if we say so ourselves, we're pretty happy with the outcome. Using the same (very comfortable) hotel in Chateau Chinon as the Trefle du Morvan, the going is very similar to that route with one important difference - it uses 80% brand new tracks. And as an added bonus there's even less road work! As with the 'Trefle' you do three loops from the hotel, over mainly woodland tracks, averaging approximately 160 kilometres per day. There is a good variety of trails, with the going hilly rather than mountainous, though you do actually reach an altitude of 900 metres in places.  Like the other two 'Morvans' the route isn't outrageously technical, so not too much 'pushing and shoving' - the trademark 'Sport Adventure glow' on this roadbook comes from the sheer density and range of tracks and the beauty of the scenery. 



Selection of pics from previous tours

Autumn in the Morvan - who needs to visit Maine!

When you get out of the woods the views are spectacular

Depending on the time of year it can be humid under the trees!

With numerous stream crossings for which the region is famous.

There's even a few sunken lanes.

And very few people about.



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