Lozerien Bis

We are extremely proud of our the Lozerien Bis, and love riding it – but it isn’t for everyone! From the outset we wanted to create our most technical route and we are delighted to have achieved that goal. Made up of three loops starting and finishing in Mende, the distances aren’t excessive (approx. 150 kilometres per day) but the going is pretty demanding, with the sheer density of technical going making the Lozerien Bis a challenging ride. The reward is some absolutely stunning scenery, some great lunch stops and the knowledge that you have tackled terrain that has, in the past, been used to tax some of the greatest enduro riders in the world. Very much a case of ‘beware what you wish for’ we strongly recommend you give us a ring before you sign up for this trip, to make sure you aren’t about to bite off more than you can chew!



Selection of pixs from previous tours

AMCA 80s moto-x legend John Bellairs shows Cyril Despres how to cross a river.

Checking out the view at the top of another tricky climb.

Charlie Trew and mates posing at 1500 metres

The Lozerien Bis boasts some cracking single track

A lot more tricky when its wet! 

Climbing up to 1500 metres

The long climb leading to the Valley of Hell


Coming down to lunch on Day 3


Dominique having a big dap

Photos taken during the reconnaissance Sept 2010 (courtesy of TBM).

The climbing up to lunch on Day 3

Duke cleaning the rock step on Day 3. Tricky in the wet!

Climb early on Day 2 - that'll be a clean too!

Followed by a big dab over the last rock slab.


 Evans gets a sweat on coming down a rocky descent on Day 1. 


1600 metres up on Day 2 - flowers only purple in Autumn!



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